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Mulberry Tea

Hailed as the next super-food, Mulberries & Mulberry Tea is a new and easy way to regain the fight against common health issues and ailments, all from a single cup of tea.Yurara Mulberry Tea is a herbal product made from all natural products with no pesticides or chemicals.Mulberry tea is made from Mulberry Leaves - it’s caffeine-free, tannin free and can help you lose weight as it reduces the body's carbohydrate absorption by balancing blood sugar levels.

Hand-Picked Leaves

We run small seasonal harvests and hand-pick all our leaves to ensure we only harvest leaves that are fresh and ready to provide the most taste and health benefits.

Washing & Preparing

Our leaves are washed removing any impurities and ensuring clean mulberry leaves and stems. We don't use any chemicals or pesticides.

Steaming & Dehydrating

Using a delicate steaming and dehydrating process, we get the best out of the leaves for maximum health impact.

Packaging and Delivery

We pack our tea carefully and only when needed – within 48 hours of harvesting - to ensure you receive the tea when it's the freshest.