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Mulberry trees were well known in the ancient civilizations of the world.

The first documentation of mulberry trees reports them as originating in China with China also having 3,000 years of history for cultivation.
The fruits can be used for food, juice, tea and wine. The mulberry leaf is used for raising silkworms, food and tea. The bark can be used to make paper and the leaf, branch, fruit and the root all can be used as or in traditional medicine.

Mulberry leaf was traditionally used in China as medicine by the Emperor and members of the royal court. Traditional Chinese doctors have used mulberry leaf for treatment of fever, coughing and rheumatism. More modern Chinese medical research has lead doctors to also discover that mulberry leaf can be used to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   

Technically, Mulberry Leaf Tea is not a tea. In Chinese the word "te" means any infusion made from the camellia plant and water. Any other hot drink made from another plant is technically called a tisane. Thus, a drink made with mulberry leaf is technically a tisane.

Drinking a cup or two of Mulberry tea/tisane a day is a delicious, easy and nutritious way to help add health benefits to your diet.

Mulberry, Kangaroo Island and Yurara

Kangaroo Island (KI), Reeves Point, is home to a Mulberry tree that was planted by the State's first Colonists some 178 years ago, (approx 1836) it is the site of the first official European settlement in South Australia and this tree is believed to be the last remaining tree of the earliest plantation of European trees in South Australia and still bears fruit today!Norma and Jeffery Jenkins were successful in their bid to purchase an original World War II soldier settlers farm 'Yurara' in 1964. Yurara is approximately 20 kilometres outside of Kingscote, KI. Norma and Jeffery moved from Kingscote, where Jeffery's parents Dorothy and Clem Jenkins ran the local butcher, to Yurara with their young family. There they planted Yurara's original Mulberry Tree amongst other fruit trees in the farms orchard.Yurara is an Australian owned, fifth generation, Kangaroo Island family.Yurara means extensive easterly view.